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According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the average six-room home collects 40 pounds of dust, dirt, and allergens each year.

Not surprisingly, these contaminants eventually make their way into your heating and cooling system, where they can reduce efficiency, cause expensive repairs, and even make your family sick.

Fortunately, there are several telltale signs that indicate it’s time to schedule a cleaning service for ductwork Kansas. If you notice any of the following, don’t hesitate to contact a professional:

  1. Your air ducts are full of dust and debris.

What goes up must come down—and that’s especially true for the dust, dirt, and allergens in your home.

Over time, they settle into your ductwork, where they can quickly build up to unhealthy levels. If you notice an unusually high amount of dust around your vents or registers, it’s a good indication that your ducts need to be cleaned.

  1. You’re sneezing more than usual.

If you or your family members start sneezing for no apparent reason, it could be a sign that your air ducts are full of dust and other allergens.

Those with allergies or asthma may notice increased symptoms when the ducts are dirty. A professional ductwork Kansas cleaning service can remove the allergens from your system and provide much-needed relief.

  1. Your energy bills are higher than usual.

Noticed a sudden spike in your energy bills? Dusty or clogged air ducts could be to blame. When your system has to work harder to move air through the ducts, it uses more energy—and that means higher bills. Cleaning it can help improve airflow and reduce your energy costs.

  1. You see mold or mildew around your vents.

Mold and mildew love dark, humid places, and air ducts often fit that description. If you see mold or mildew around your vents, it’s a good indication that your ductwork is wet and full of moisture.

With air duct cleaning, mold and mildew will be immediately from your system, as well as address the underlying problem to prevent it from returning.

  1. There’s a musty smell when you turn on your heat or air conditioning.

Suddenly notice a musty smell when you turn on your heat or air conditioning? It could be mold or mildew in your ductwork.

As mentioned above, mold and mildew thrive better in dark and humid places. So, if you notice a musty smell, it might be time for a good cleaning. Not only is this bad for your family’s health, but it also signifies ductwork damage.

  1. You hear strange noises coming from your vents.

Banging, whistling, or rattling sounds coming from your vents could be a sign of loose ductwork. Over time, the fasteners that hold your ducts together can loosen, causing the ducts to move and make noise.

In this case, you will need a ductwork Kansas repair, not just a cleaning. A technician can inspect your system, determine the source of the problem, and make the necessary repairs.

  1. You have pets.

Your four-legged friend’s hair and dander can get into your ductwork and build up over time. This can be a problem even if you don’t have allergies or asthma, as the hair and dander can reduce airflow and make your system work harder.

The same goes if you’ve recently renovated your home since the dust from construction can also end up in your ducts. Having a professional clean and inspect your unit can improve airflow and reduce energy costs.

  1. You have rodents, insects, and other vermin infestations.

These furry (or not so furry) creatures love nothing more than to make a home in your ductwork. Not only are they gross, but they can also spread diseases and contaminate your air.

If you see signs of an infestation—droppings, nesting materials, dead animals—it’s time to call in an HVAC specialist for a thorough cleaning.

How Often Should the Air Duct Be Cleaned?

Air ducts play an important role in circulating heated and cooled air throughout your home or office building. But as with other pieces of machinery, they can get dirty and clogged as years pass by. This is why it’s important to have them cleaned regularly by a professional air duct cleaning company. 

But how often should you have this done?

Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as the frequency of cleaning ductwork Kansas depends on several factors, including:

Do you have a central heating and cooling or ductless mini-split system? The former circulates air through a network of ducts, while the latter doesn’t use ducts. As a result, central systems will need to be cleaned more often than ductless ones.

A disposable air filter will need to be replaced more often than if you have a reusable or washable filter. This is because the former will get clogged faster and must be replaced to ensure proper airflow.

The more people in your house, the more likely there will be more dust, pollen, and other allergens in the air. Hence, you will need to have your ductwork Kansas cleaned as often as possible. 

If you have pets, their hair and dander can get into your system and accumulate. It can reduce airflow and make your system work harder, which may require frequent cleaning.

The smoke’s nicotine can cling to surfaces and get into your ductwork. If you have asthma or any respiratory problem, regular cleaning would provide you with healthy relief. 

Kansas is known for having high humidity levels. It can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can get into your ductwork and circulate through your home – which means you will need to clean it more often. This is especially true for homes with dust and pollen.

If you or someone in your house has allergies or asthma, keeping the ductwork clean is important to reduce the risk of triggering an attack.

Babies are susceptible to respiratory problems, so it’s important to keep the air quality in your home as high as possible. This means having your ducts cleaned routinely.

As a general rule of thumb, having your ductwork cleaned every two to three years is a good idea. However, if you have any of the above factors, you may need to have it done more often.

You can always talk to an air duct cleaning company if you are unsure how often to clean your ductwork Kansas. They will be able to assess your situation and give you a more specific timeline for when you should have them cleaned.

When to Consider Ductwork Repair?

Aside from knowing when to clean your ductwork, it is also important to know when to repair or replace them. There are a few signs that indicate it’s time for a repair:

An increased energy bill could be due to a ductwork leak. 

Leaks in your ductwork account for up to 30% of your total heat loss and may also negatively impact the environment. The leak typically occurs at seams or connections and can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor installation, settlement of the home or building, rodents or other animals gnawing on the ducts, besides natural wear and tear. Unfortunately, once a leak occurs, it’s often difficult to locate and repair without the help of an HVAC technician.

If you can see the light coming through the ducts, it’s time for a repair.

Ductwork is designed to provide an airtight seal, so any light that leaks through is a sign that your ductwork Kansas is not properly sealed. It can lead to some problems, including inefficient heating and cooling, drafts, higher energy bills, and even mosquitos or other pests getting inside your home.

Uneven heating or cooling could be due to damaged ductwork.

If you feel that your home is not evenly heated or cooled, it could be due to damage in your ductwork, which might be caused by wear and tear, pest infestation, or an accident.

Holes can form in your ducts which allow conditioned air to escape. This results in longer heating and cooling cycles and ultimately higher energy bills. 

Hoffman Heating & Cooling Offers Ductwork Repair and Replacement

Whether you need repair or replacement for your ductwork Kansas, Hoffman Heating & Cooling is the name to trust. We have been servicing the area for years, and our team of certified technicians is equipped to handle any type of HVAC problem you might have.

We also offer a variety of other services, such as installation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioner and furnace as well as indoor air quality. If you’re ready to improve the quality of your home’s air, make sure to drop us a call at 660-466-2122 to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you find the best solution for your ductwork needs!